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 (bŏn′ə-vĕn′chər) also Bon·a·ven·tu·ra (bŏn′ə-vĕn-cho͝or′ə, -to͝or′ə, -tyo͝or′ə), Saint Originally Giovanni di Fidanza. Known as "the Seraphic Doctor." 1217?-1274.
Italian theologian and philosopher who taught that the goal of all the arts and sciences is the direct contemplation of God.


(ˈbɒn əˌvɛn tʃɛr, ˌbɒn əˈvɛn-)

also Bon•a•ven•tu•ra

(ˌbɒn ə vɛnˈtʃʊər ə)

Saint ( “the Seraphic Doctor” ), 1221–74, Italian scholastic theologian.
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