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One who owns a bond issued by a government or corporation.


(Banking & Finance) an owner of one or more bonds issued by a company or other institution


(ˈbɒndˌhoʊl dər)

a holder of a bond or bonds issued by a government or corporation.
bond′hold`ing, adj., n.
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Noun1.bondholder - a holder of bonds issued by a government or corporation
holder - a person who holds something; "they held two hostages"; "he holds the trophy"; "she holds a United States passport"
investor - someone who commits capital in order to gain financial returns


[ˈbɒndˌhəʊldəʳ] Nobligacionista mf, titular mf de bonos
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For those bond holders who are in need of the details and have not received them, please call the Company.
A PROTEST by outraged bond holders outside the Bank of Cyprus' (BoC) main offices in Nicosia once again turned violent on Monday after windows were smashed and employees threatened.
Administrators National Savings and Investments measure by postcode the proportion of bond holders to have scooped the top prizes in each area.
5million was won in yesterday's draw, as 7,400 other bond holders also scooped prizes.
TWO Premium Bond holders have each won pounds 1 million in February's double jackpot.
For premium bond holders, they could be walking away from their prizes if they have not kept us updated.
Thousands of Premium Bond holders across the North East have failed to collect their winnings.
RCG Longview was later approved by the Servicer, Master Bond Holders and both Moody's and S&P in order to complete the transaction without a downgrade.
GPI will acquire the whole ownership of the holding company held by ArcLight subject to condition precedents including the approvals of the bond holders and the FERC.
Instead all bond holders are automatically entered into the draw each month.
A scrutiny of the details of the so-called refund of money by Sahara to bond holders led to fictitious names and addresses.
We have timed the issue so that bonds can be released just ahead of Christmas, so they are timed to be perfect as Christmas gifts for friends and loved ones, or as special and well deserved treats for bond holders.