Bond debt

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(Law) a debt contracted under the obligation of a bond.
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The authority had temporarily postponed the issuance of additional revenue bond debt for certain projects pending the impact of the competing State Route 288 but has ascertained that such projects are now feasible.
Reflecting the lower leverage on the senior lien, coverage of senior bond debt service equaled a sound 2.
As a result, revenue bond debt service coverage is expected to remain strong even including projected parity issuance as the rate covenant requires coverage by system net revenues of at least 1 times (x) on all outstanding debt.
The ratings reflect the healthy coverage for bond debt service provided by pledged documentary stamp taxes and various covenants limiting the ability to issue additional debt.
9 billion variable rate demand and auction rate parity revenue bond debt which has an insured rating of 'AAA' based on a guarantee of scheduled debt service payments under a financial guaranty insurance policy provided by Ambac Assurance Corporation, an XL Capital, each with claims-paying ability rated 'AAA' by Fitch Ratings.
Likewise, Fitch's foreign currency Issuer Default Rating (IDR) for Argentina remains in Restricted Default (RD), reflecting the fact that a sizable portion of bond debt remains in default following last year's debt exchange because non-participants in the exchange (the so-called 'holdouts') still represent a significant portion of debt outstanding.
The GO debt of the district earns Fitch's 'AAA' rating primarily because of the wealth and extraordinary diversity of the district's two-county tax base, Montgomery and Prince George's counties (general obligations rated 'AAA' and 'AA+' by Fitch, respectively), upon which the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC) could levy unlimited ad valorem taxes, if necessary, to cover bond debt service.
Embonor's debt primarily comprises US$148 million of Yankee bond debt that matures in March 2006 and series B peso-denominated bonds.
For bank and bond debt due to mature over the next four years, European investment-grade companies face refinancing needs of about $1.
Instead, Schwarzenegger has proposed dedicating the money to paying down transportation bond debt, including past bonds and those that will be submitted to voters in November.
5 million of floating rate tax-exempt bond debt financing provided by The New York State Housing Finance Agency (HFA) at an estimated all-in interest rate of 3.
The new deal concerns USD600m in municipal bond debt the airline incurred over improvements at Chicago's O'Hare Airport and means that if reorganised and approved the airline would only have to issue USD150m in new debt, removing 75% of the bond debt.