Bond debt

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(Law) a debt contracted under the obligation of a bond.
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Reportedly, this new bond debt has enabled the company to carry out the early repayment of EUR35m of its previous debt, while providing it with an additional EUR30m which will give it the necessary financial resources to pursue its international development.
For bank and bond debt due to mature over the next four years, European investment-grade companies face refinancing needs of about $1.
Instead, Schwarzenegger has proposed dedicating the money to paying down transportation bond debt, including past bonds and those that will be submitted to voters in November.
5 million of floating rate tax-exempt bond debt financing provided by The New York State Housing Finance Agency (HFA) at an estimated all-in interest rate of 3.
The new deal concerns USD600m in municipal bond debt the airline incurred over improvements at Chicago's O'Hare Airport and means that if reorganised and approved the airline would only have to issue USD150m in new debt, removing 75% of the bond debt.
Fiscal 2006 mental health bond debt service was $285 million, and maximum annual debt service (MADS) prior to this sale is $309 million.
As a result, the old method might result in the Valley paying for bond debt that no longer exists.
The covenanted maximum allowable annual senior bond debt service remains $1.
After 2002, that revenue will be gone, but the bond debt won't be.
External bond debt service of $459 million amounts to a mere 1.
The series 2001 revenue bonds are backed by a letter of credit and total revenue bond debt service (series 1999A and series 2001) of approximately $900,000 is paid annually from unrestricted cash.
1 million in bond debt and obligations of $100,000 in county taxes and a $250,000 payment to two previous general partners in the LEDC, according to a city staff report.