Bond service

Bond´ serv`ice

1.The condition of a bond servant; service without wages; slavery.
Their children . . . upon those did Solomon levy a tribute of bond service.
- 1 Kings ix. 21.
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Tender are invited for Provision of a Social Impact Bond Service to Offer Personalised Support to People Rough Sleeping
These reduce thermal leakage, retain heat and reduce energy demand and include: 240mm wool insulation built into the closed panels at fabrication stage which provide a highly insulated layer; warm in the winter, cool in the summer Triple glazed argon filled windows to trap natural heat gain and which can be maximised by the orientation of the building Precision engineered joints between building sections which form an airtight bond Service conduits embedded into the build at factory stage so maintaining the integrity of the building fabric The home lends itself to a wide range of architectural styles and building sizes and types - so offering potential to the full extent of the housing market, from starter apartments to luxury family homes.
Note, too, that baby bond service would not be compulsory, and there would be no penalty for demurral.
Mobilink has introduced new value added Prize Bond service in which allows thecustomers to get the prize bond lucky draw results on mobile phones.
Details on Property Staging and the Emma Bond service at John Shepherd are available from 01564 783866.
This service, the Standard & Poor's/PSA Municipal Bond Service, provides estimates as we'll as transaction prices on more than 700,000 bonds.
Manage all aspects of debt issuance transactions and coordinate effects with other bond service providers (bond counsel, disclosure counsel, rating agencies, trustees, banks, underwriters, etc.