Bone setter

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That he had already spent close to one million naira at a traditional bone setter home.
According to a press release issued here on Wednesday, during action taken by the PHC teams in last two days, many clinics and hospitals were inspected, in which around 24 clinics were sealed including 19 general practitioners who had no degree, two homeopaths and one each fake dentist, maternity home and bone setter .
Santiguadora (bone setter and empirical masseuse) Mariana Cruz Vazquez of Cidra, Puerto Rico is shown offering the Puerto Rican version of cupping, called "la ventosa." Used for conditions of spasm and other "cold" related conditions, the person's back is massaged with an oil-based liniment, then a copper penny is placed as a base for a small candle.
That still doesn't stop anyone from parking a treatment table in their front room and sticking a notice in the window claiming to be able to treat people under a variety of other names: back therapist, manipulative therapist, physiotherapist or even bone setter.
While Joe has never been treated by doctors, Fran recently took him to a renowned bone setter who said the bones in his toddler's feet were perfect.
Northern Lahore is hub of quacks posing as physicians, bone setters, hakims, homeopathic doctors.
Complications of fracture treatment by traditional bone setters at Hyderabad.
* This is a prospective study of 30 cases with different Orthopaedic problems, treated by traditional bone setters, who presented to us with various complications.
Coming from a family of historic bone setters, a distant grandfather of Kelvin Williams includes Hugh Owen Thomas, inventor of the Thomas Splint, a device mimicking bone stability to reduce pain to fractured or broken bones.
Bone setters in Africa are doing a commendable job and set bones exceptionally well and they are accepted as professionals.
They are being handled by so many people ranging from expert orthopedic surgeons to bone setters sitting in streets.
Roedd yn gweithio ar fferm Talysarn, Rachub, a locsyn mawr ganddo, yn un o'r teulu Evans Bone Setters.