Bone setter

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Same as Bonesetter. See in the Vocabulary.

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Among the good company which had attended in the hall during the bone-setting, Mrs Honour was one; who being summoned to her mistress as soon as it was over, and asked by her how the young gentleman did, presently launched into extravagant praises on the magnanimity, as she called it, of his behaviour, which, she said, "was so charming in so pretty a creature." She then burst forth into much warmer encomiums on the beauty of his person; enumerating many particulars, and ending with the whiteness of his skin.
He ran one of the last studios in Kowloon, but soaring rents caused it to shut down, along with other family businesses that were once a fixture of Hong Kong street life, such as Dit Da, or bone-setting, shops that use traditional Chinese medicine to treat sprains and fractures.
Follow-up medical expenses cover including Chinese medicine bone-setting, acupuncture treatments, etc.
The selected essays on medical practice concern intestinal surgery (315-322), caesarians (357-360), bone-setting (360-376), urological surgery (376-378), catheterisation (524-535), and amputation (556-559).