n.1.See Bonito.
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Also at the heart of the festive storyline is the true tale of Sara Forbes Bonetta, an African orphan who Queen Victoria adopted.
Yet it's a little known fact that Victoria adopted a 10th child, Sarah Forbes Bonetta.
I've been reading a script for a film about Sara Forbes Bonetta.
The photos are special because they were taken on the wedding day of Sarah Forbes Bonetta, the young woman widely known as British Queen Victoria's black godchild, who was in fact, royalty in her own right.
A beautifully produced, glossy biography about Sarah Forbes Bonetta, whose life story reads like a fairy tale.
Para una evolucion del sistema escolar italiano tambien pueden verse las siguientes obras generales: BONETTA, Gaetano: Storia della scuola e delle istituzioni educative, Florencia, Giunti Editore, 1998; y SANTAMAITA, Saverio: Storia della scuola, Milan, Bruno Mondadori, 1999.
It then all ended for Jacox and his partners when after making a good start to their semi-final tie with an early nine shots lead they were overtaken and despite a late rally the Avenue team finally lost 18-14 to Barton-le-Clay's (Bedfordshire) Rhys Lee, Steve Mead and Luke Nunn who went on to lose the final 17-15 against Darren James, Neil Popham and Steve Bonetta of Devon club Bidford.
Infer network (pathway) models of cancer biology by integrating fragments of evidence on gene-protein and protein-protein interactions from the literature or front actual experiments (for example, Bonetta [2010]).
This research was conducted as part of a larger, longitudinal study on homelessness in Ottawa (Aubry, Klodawsky and Hay 2003, Aubry, Klodawsky, Nemiroff, Birnie and Bonetta 2007).
Two Bonetta brothers, Domenico and Carmelo, are in charge, but their father Angelo is always there to supervise.
Established in 1994, Secret Prod produces Bonetta, Romania's favourite-ice cream, which it distributes to outlets throughout the country.