Bonfire Night

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Noun1.bonfire night - effigies of Guy Fawkes are burned on this nightBonfire Night - effigies of Guy Fawkes are burned on this night
November 5 - anniversary of the discovery of the Gunpowder Plot

bonfire night

n5. November (Jahrestag der Pulververschwörung)
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You've heard of the Pusey horn, which King Canute gave to the Puseys of that day, and which the gallant old squire, lately gone to his rest (whom Berkshire freeholders turned out of last Parliament, to their eternal disgrace, for voting according to his conscience), used to bring out on high days, holidays, and bonfire nights.
It comes as figures from Cleveland Police show officers also dealt with a slight increase in the number of anti-social incidents on November 5 - although the force today stressed that it was unable to say whether all the calls they received were related to Bonfire Night.
WITH Halloween and Bonfire Night fast approaching, police are getting tough over anti-social behaviour.
ABRAVE little girl who almost lost her sight in a freak fireworks accident has agreed to be the face of a Bonfire Night safety campaign in the region.
The council has billed the event as the "safest bonfire night in Birmingham".
ANIMATION created by pupils which urges children to have fun safely at Halloween and on Bonfire Night is being screened across Cardiff.
FAMILIES are being invited to build a Guy for Bonfire Night.
WE'VE got a sparkling offer to celebrate Bonfire Night.
Your Poem BONFIRE NIGHT ROCKETS and fountains light up the sky As on top of the fire they put the Guy The flames flare up as sparks start to land And the rockets are stood in a bucket of sand Rip-raps and bangers are heard everywhere As rockets go screaming into the air The smoke and the smell of wood burning bright All add to the magic of bonfire night Hot dogs and potatoes cooked in their jackets As fireworks go off making a racket Hot soup and burgers to keep out the cold As we celebrate a ritual ever so old Children hold sparklers tight in their hands As pin wheels turn with all coloured bands We stand round the fire with faces aglow And watch as the flames burn down low Fireworks are magic like stars in the sky Another night ends as we say goodbye by Freda Renton, address supplied
FIRE chiefs are advising revellers across the region to have a safe bonfire night by going to organised shows only.
The clocks are going back and it's school half-term holiday so that can only mean one thing - Halloween and Bonfire Night are on the way.
BONFIRE night came a close second to Christmas as one of those magical festive occasions when I was a youngster.