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 (bŏn′ə-fās′), Saint Originally Winfrid or Wynfrith. 675?-754.
Anglo-Saxon missionary who promulgated Christianity among the tribes in what is now Germany.


 (bŏn′ə-fəs, -fās′)
The keeper of an inn, hotel, nightclub, or eating establishment.

[After Boniface, an innkeeper in The Beaux' Stratagem by George Farquhar (1678-1707).]


(Biography) Saint, original name Wynfrith. ?680–?755 ad, Anglo-Saxon missionary: archbishop of Mainz (746–755). Feast day: June 5


(ˈbɒn ə fɪs, -ˌfeɪs)

1. Saint (Wynfrith), a.d. 680?–755?, English monk who became a missionary in Germany.
2. (l.c.) a landlord or innkeeper.


(ˈbɒn ə fɪs, -ˌfeɪs)
1. Boniface I, Saint, died A.D. 422, pope 418–422.
2. Boniface VIII (Benedetto Caetani), c1235–1303, Italian ecclesiastic: pope 1294–1303.
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Noun1.Boniface - (Roman Catholic Church) Anglo-Saxon missionary who was sent to Frisia and Germany to spread the Christian faithBoniface - (Roman Catholic Church) Anglo-Saxon missionary who was sent to Frisia and Germany to spread the Christian faith; was martyred in Frisia (680-754)
Church of Rome, Roman Catholic Church, Roman Church, Western Church, Roman Catholic - the Christian Church based in the Vatican and presided over by a pope and an episcopal hierarchy
2.Boniface - the owner or manager of an innboniface - the owner or manager of an inn  
hostess - a woman innkeeper
padrone - an owner or proprietor of an inn in Italy
patron - the proprietor of an inn
victualer, victualler - an innkeeper (especially British)
References in classic literature ?
According to the great alchemist, Pierre de Boniface, the diamond rendered a man invisible, and the agate of India made him eloquent.
Mousqueton was a Norman, whose pacific name of Boniface his master had changed into the infinitely more sonorous name of Mousqueton.
Boniface in April 1894, Tache had prepared the request for a coadjutor to be sent to the Sacred Congregation of Propaganda but he had indicated only two of the three names of the candidates submitted for Rome's consideration and the Superior General told Tache to decide on the third name.
Boniface church, which had an imposing front stairway, no handrails, and then a few more steps into the church.
Boniface Parish thought they would freeze or raise it.
Originally established by Pope Boniface VIII in the 14th century, the Jubilee is an official international holy year that happens every 25 years.
Boniface is the other) which includes an area that was settled by French-Canadians during the 19th Century (Goldstein, 1981: 57).
Boniface General Hospital Research Centre is recognized as a leader in the MRI field and will soon be the largest centre in Western Canada using the advanced diagnostic technology.
The work moves on to the creation of Ianopolis, a replica of the heavenly Jerusalem, where a special synod is convened and a great debate is held between Niccolo Paruta and Johann Sommer for the Unitarian position, and Gregory VII, Boniface VIII, and others, for the Catholic.
Boniface - stand at opposite ends of a fast-widening gulf.
Aldhelm and Bede, Cuthbert and Dunstan, Willibrord and Boniface - so many hyperboreans who wrote so much and so well of pride as the root of license and licentiousness, grace as the source of freedom of the will.
This move to find suitable distributors in what we have highlighted as key development markets is part of a considered export program which we have been working on for sometime now," Laura Boniface, spokesperson for Viners explained.