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 (bô-när′), Pierre 1867-1947.
French painter who adhered to an impressionistic style in works such as The Bath.


(French bɔnar)
(Biography) Pierre (pjɛr). 1867–1947, French painter and lithographer, noted for the effects of light and colour in his landscapes and sunlit interiors



Pierre, 1867–1947, French painter.
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Contact Person: Enedis Pfa De Lyon-Nancy Gilles Bonnard Bp 13277 69404 Lyon Cedex 3
Pierre Bonnard, Henri Cartier Bresson, Phillip Guston, Rene Magritte 12.
It's well to remember that Max Morden, Banville's central character in his Booker prize novel, The Sea, is writing a study of the painter Pierre Bonnard. Bonnard, like Banville, is hard to fit into any of the major movements of the twentieth century.
When he was in his mid-forties, Pierre Bonnard bought a Renault 11CV, had it painted pale yellow, and motored around France.
Leo (Damien Bonnard), the central character in "Staying Vertical," is a tall, curly-haired drifter with a hawk-nosed, reptilian stare--he looks like a doleful French version of Kramer from "Seinfeld." Early on, he hooks up with Marie (India Hair), a single mother who's working as a shepherd, and before it's clear that they're even going to be a couple, the two have collaborated on having a baby.
Pierre Bonnard (Fontenay-aux Roses, 1867--Le Cannet, 1947), es sin duda, el mayor ejemplo de las exclusiones historicas que marco la critica de arte del siglo XX.
Pierre Bonnard once claimed that he would like to "arrive in front of the young painters of the year 2000 on the wings of a butterfly." Had he done so, there's a fair chance he would have presented himself to Tyson Reeder.
Former chief constable Sean Price and his deputy Derek Bonnard received lump sums of PS336,000 and PS131,000 respectively after they were dismissed for gross misconduct.
Price, who was paid PS191,000 a year, and his former deputy Derek Bonnard, 51, were both sacked in 2011 after their arrest during a probe into corruption, fraud and misconduct.
Sean Price, fired from Cleveland Police in October for gross misconduct, and his suspended deputy Derek Bonnard have abandoned claims of unlawful arrest and detention, trespass and breach of their human rights.
Chief constable of Cleveland Sean Price and his deputy Derek Bonnard were arrested last August and held on suspicion of misconduct in a public office, fraud by abuse of position, and corrupt practice.
He adored the beaches of the Atlantic and the skies of Normandy, but it was on the shores of the Mediterranean that Pierre Bonnard saw his work explode with new colour and expression.