Bonneville Salt Flats

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Bon·ne·ville Salt Flats

A plain of northwest Utah west of Great Salt Lake in the bed of prehistoric Lake Bonneville. The flats are often used for speed-test trials.
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He also looked at the JCB's record-breaking car which smashed the diesel land speed record at Bonneville Flats in America during August.
1 -- 2) At top, Earl Wooden stands next to his Crosley Coupe after a time trial at the Bonneville Flats in Utah.
Anniversaries: 1651: Cromwell defeated Royalists at Battle of Worcester; 1658: Death of Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell; 1728: Birth of engineer Matthew Boulton; 1783: Britain and the USA signed treaty in Paris ending the American War of Independence; 1916: Flt Lieutenant Leefe Robinson countering a London raid became first man to shoot down Zeppelin ; 1935: Malcolm Campbell in Bluebird at Bonneville Flats, Utah, became first man to travel more than 300mph on land; 1939: Great Britain and France declared war on Germany; 1996: United States fired 27cruise missiles on Iraq in Operation Desert Storm.