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 (bŏn′ē), William H. Known as Bil·ly the Kid (bĭl′ē) 1859-1881.
American outlaw who murdered 21 men and was shot dead by Sheriff Pat Garrett (1850-1908).
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Noun1.Bonney - United States outlaw who was said to have killed 21 men (1859-1881)
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Noggs gave vent to his usual grunt, as much as to say 'I thought so!' and, the ring being repeated, went to the door, whence he presently returned, ushering in, by the name of Mr Bonney, a pale gentleman in a violent hurry, who, with his hair standing up in great disorder all over his head, and a very narrow white cravat tied loosely round his throat, looked as if he had been knocked up in the night and had not dressed himself since.
'Pretty well!' echoed Mr Bonney. 'It's the finest idea that was ever started.
'When they are, you know what to do with them as well as any man alive, and how to back quietly out at the right time,' said Mr Bonney, slapping the capitalist familiarly on the shoulder.
'Done business with him,' said Mr Bonney with a meaning look.
Mr Bonney elbowed his way briskly upstairs, receiving in his progress many low bows from the waiters who stood on the landings to show the way; and, followed by Mr Nickleby, dived into a suite of apartments behind the great public room: in the second of which was a business-looking table, and several business-looking people.
'Hear!' cried a gentleman with a double chin, as Mr Bonney presented himself.
The new-comers were received with universal approbation, and Mr Bonney bustled up to the top of the table, took off his hat, ran his fingers through his hair, and knocked a hackney-coachman's knock on the table with a little hammer: whereat several gentlemen cried
Christopher Bonney's second half penalty earned Hearts of Oak victory in the top of the table clash with Karela United FC at the Accra stadium yesterday.
Summary: New Delhi (India) Apr 22 (ANI): The Supreme Court on Monday asked social activist THS Bonney to send his representation to the government in connection with his plea seeking direction to the Centre for constituting a time-bound commission to permanently resolve the boundary dispute between Meghalaya and Assam.
Mr and Mrs Bonney are behind a scheme that would see three, four-bedroom houses built on Pennyfine Road on land East of Blacksmiths cottage.
- Alison Lawton, US-based clinical-stage healthcare company Kaleido Biosciences' president and chief operating officer, has been appointed to succeed Michael Bonney as chief executive officer, the company said.
Deborah Bonney SHE is a remarkable young woman who has the heart of Manchester.