linea aspera

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lin·e·a as·pe·ra

 (lĭn′ē-ə ăs′pə-rə)
n. pl. lin·e·ae as·pe·rae (lĭn′ē-ē′ ăs′pə-rē′)
A longitudinal ridge running down the posterior surface of the shaft of the femur, affording attachment to various muscles.

[New Latin līnea aspera, rough line : Latin līnea, line; see line + Latin aspera, feminine of asper, rough (in reference to its rough texture).]
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Their beak-like mouths are lined with sharp, white fangs, and the backs of their huge, lizard bodies are serrated into bony ridges from their necks to the end of their long tails.
One brute had an eye out; another had his tail sawed off close, like a rabbit, and was proud of it; another had a bony ridge running from his neck to his tail, like one of those ruined aqueducts one sees about Rome, and had a neck on him like a bowsprit; they all limped, and had sore backs, and likewise raw places and old scales scattered about their persons like brass nails in a hair trunk; their gaits were marvelous to contemplate, and replete with variety under way the procession looked like a fleet in a storm.
However, features that were quite pronounced in earlier humans, such as the bony ridges over the eyes and a bony prominence at the back of the skull, are not prominent in these skulls.
Following extraction, we smooth down any rough bony ridges so they don't poke up through the gum.
Lammie suggested that a detrimental external molding force may adversely impact the residual bony ridges as overlying oral soft tissues contract or atrophy with time.
Curvilinear probes facilitate skin-probe contact over these bony ridges, particularly in the concavity between the malleoli and the tendo archilles.