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Noun1.Book of Isaiah - an Old Testament book consisting of Isaiah's prophecies
Old Testament - the collection of books comprising the sacred scripture of the Hebrews and recording their history as the chosen people; the first half of the Christian Bible
Nebiim, Prophets - the second of three divisions of the Hebrew Scriptures
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Mr Timothy Fakunle, a pastor, said that the Book of Isaiah in the Holy Bible condemned the wearing of anklets.
Dempsey, a Dominican Sister from Caldwell, New Jersey, and professor of biblical studies at the University of Portland, Oregon, is currently working on the book of Isaiah for Liturgical Press' Wisdom Commentary Series.
html) speech at the Open Door Baptist Church, in February, quoted verses from the Old Testament's Book of Isaiah and suggested the fact that the Bible prophesized the 9/11 terrorist attacks.
Among their topics are Sedaqa and the community of the scribes in post-exilic Deuteronomy: a didactical perspective, the role and function of Sedaqa and Torah in the introduction to the Book of Isaiah (1:1-2:5), thoughts regarding the concept and redaction history of a universal understanding of Sedaqa, identity marker and boundary maintenance in post-exilic discourse, and some reflections on the Hellenistic Jewish tradition of the reciprocal relationship between obedience to Torah and righteousness and their reception in the New Testament with special focus on the Letter to the Romans.
Hiltz reflected on the phrase from the Book of Isaiah, "You are my witnesses," which served as the theme for last July's General Synod and for the current triennium, which lasts until 2019.
It's a celebratory Israeli folk classic based on text from the book of Isaiah about, as the title suggests, water.
The middle section, then, is a melange of essays that addresses diverse themes related to biblical and Near Eastern studies, from an examination of the image of YHWH as a "consuming fire" to a text-critical analysis of the book of Isaiah.
Near the UN headquarters in New York City, a verse from the book of Isaiah is engraved into a monument in Ralph Bunche Park.
Freund cited the Book of Isaiah (49:12) where God speaks about the ingathering of the exiles, and noted the verse concludes by saying: "and these from the land of the Sinim," a term which in Hebrew means the Chinese.
Over the years, Biblical scholars have come to divide the Book of Isaiah first into two distinct units, and later into three.
This is very clear in the Book of Isaiah Chapter 14 and other prophetic passages.
Another fine essay is Marvin Sweeney's, demonstrating that the book of Isaiah is thoroughly eschatological, and that eschatology is not confined to the royal or messianic aspects emphasized by earlier commentators like Hugo Gressmann and Sigmund Mowinckel, but focuses on Zion as a symbol of God's rule as unrivaled creator of the universe for both Israel and the nations.