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Noun1.Book of Jonah - a book in the Old Testament that tells the story of Jonah and the whale
Old Testament - the collection of books comprising the sacred scripture of the Hebrews and recording their history as the chosen people; the first half of the Christian Bible
Nebiim, Prophets - the second of three divisions of the Hebrew Scriptures
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This "love of enemy" theme is powerfully articulated in the ancient prophetic book of Jonah. Jonah lived at the time of the Assyrian Empire (eighth century BCE), centered in Nineveh in the land today known as Iraq.
Given this demand, the aim of this essay is to offer a reading of the book of Jonah that takes into account both the exegetical insights of historical criticism and the contextual concerns of the religious other.
From the book of Jonah, we learn that everyone deserves a second chance.
Likewise, her second piece, "Jonah among the Twelve in the MT: The Triumph of Torah over Prophecy," argues that the book of Jonah was written after the eleven other minor prophetic books as an interpretative tool for reading the other eleven.
Jonah, on the other hand, is terrified by the prospect of prophesying to Nineveh, and he grabs the first boat out of town, "to Tarshish." Yet, in this simple but sophisticated tale of prophecy that we find in the Book of Jonah, God is not satisfied to let Jonah flee; YHWH does not throw up the divine hands and pick a more suitable candidate to prophesy to Nineveh.
The book of Jonah in the bible is unbelievably beautiful.
Using the language of the book of Jonah again and discussing the effect of a Van Gogh on him, A.
The Book of Jonah falls in four chapters in only two pages near the end of the Hebrew Bible.
Designed as a special Bible study book for elementary school age kids, "Wrong Way, Jonah!" is designed as a chapter book with special clues, tasks, games and adventures that lead to an understanding of the book of Jonah. Best used by a small group of kids with a teacher or study leader, "Wrong Way, Jonah!" is an excellent part of a good religious education curriculum.
Evidence of Gill's influence on Jones is also apparent in his wood engravings; old testament illustrations of the animals entering the ark and the whale from the book of Jonah are both evocative and striking.
Boyd's text was the book of Jonah: the fish, the dank cavernous belly, the resurrection symbolism.
Much modern exegesis of the Book of Jonah has been influenced by a Christian reading of the book that dates back at least 1500 years to Jerome.