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Noun1.Book of Lamentations - an Old Testament book lamenting the desolation of Judah after the destruction of Jerusalem in 586 BCBook of Lamentations - an Old Testament book lamenting the desolation of Judah after the destruction of Jerusalem in 586 BC; traditionally attributed to the prophet Jeremiah
Old Testament - the collection of books comprising the sacred scripture of the Hebrews and recording their history as the chosen people; the first half of the Christian Bible
Hagiographa, Ketubim, Writings - the third of three divisions of the Hebrew Scriptures
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A scene from the Bible came to life this week in Jerusalem when a group of foxes evoked a well-known scene from the Book of Lamentations. What could be better than seeing a group of cute foxes, frolicking together freely?
We read the Book of Lamentations (Eicha) and ponder the meaning of grief and loss.
He was referring to a prayer exercise we did based on the book of Lamentations and some of the Psalms.
On the night of Tisha B'Av, the Book of Lamentations that comprises of poetic chapters mourning the destruction of Jerusalem is read.
Ever since the discovery and publication of several Sumerian Lamentations, there has been an ongoing discussion concerning the possible connection with the Biblical Book of Lamentations (Eicha), which has been known to us for over 2 millennia.
A spice box, used for the havdalah service bidding farewell to the Sabbath, contains skeletons that allude to the sack of Zion in the book of Lamentations.
The choir also will sing Pablo Casals' "O Vos Omnes" text from the Book of Lamentations.
Bier presents an examination of the Book of Lamentations, looking at the poetic speaking voices within the text to argue for a new understanding of the bookEs meaning.
It may be, for instance, that the author of the biblical book of Lamentations had no clue about the existence of the earlier city lament literature from Sumer.
Second, though lament is not confined to the book of Lamentations, such neglect deprives the contemporary church of the language of lament.
The texts are from the Old Testament's Book of Lamentations of the Prophet Jeremiah.
Situated just after the prophecies of Jeremiah in the Old Testament, the Book of Lamentations tells of the terrible destruction and sorrow in Jerusalem after the city was conquered by the Babylonians, and the Jewish leaders taken into captivity in 586-520 BC.