Book post

a system under which books, bulky manuscripts, etc., may be transmitted by mail.

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Davis was discussing his book Post Truth: Why We Have Reached Peak Bullshit and What We Can Do About It.
This is perhaps the first book and the only book post 2000 after the Amendment, which discusses the distribution of the arbitral awards in the Indian context.
She wrote a face book post that she is not afraid of ABVP that she is for Peace etc.
Rogora continues: "There are many milestones to mention, but center stage are our new product launches, market share gains across all the three weft insertion technologies in important markets, an excellent ITMA show last November and a packed order book post ITMA.
Envelopes Book post (Cloth), 10 x12 size of 115 GSM Yellow Ballarpur with new cloth Jali, machine made, duly FCI (logo) printed.
Then sentence was initially 60 years, that is 10 years for each of his face book post.
The article is based on the research to be published in the book Post 2104 Afghanistan later this year.
That's hard todowithaTweetoraFace- book post about the weather.
In her book Post, imitating eighteenth-century emblematic names, combined the snobbery of her elite characters with the humiliation of those who failed to meet her exalted standards of behavior.
Religious zealots, apparently stirred by a Face book post which they claimed defamed the Quran, attacked the Buddhist minorities on the night of Sep 29, torching, vandalizing and looting their temples, monasteries, residences and shops.
Sorry, it's not all about a book, but it is a sort of book post.