n.1.Authorship; literary skill.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Okey Ndibe's book of interviews with Soyinka, published by Bookcraft Limited, will also be formally presented at the conference.
The COA body said petitioner Bookcraft Publishing Company Inc.
2013--Co-Winners: Arndt Michael, India's Foreign Policy and Multilateralism, Palgrave MacMillan, 2013 and Toyin Falola, Ibaden: Foundation, Growth, and Economic Change, 1830-1860, Bookcraft Publishers, 2012
Put your name down at the ParkLives website Bookcraft Fridays at Birmingham Museumand ART GALLERY Design your own book cover and enter a competition in this weekly free workshop, which runs every Friday at 11am until September 2.
Nigeria's Bookcraft publishes the collection under Crucible of the Ages: Essays in Honour of Wole Soyinka at 80, complimenting it with over forty mostly exclusive photos of Soyinka's activities and encounters with global leaders in the last half-century, and the UK-based Ayebia Clarke Publishing Ltd is publishing its own version.
LDS Collectors Library includes several LDS Church periodicals of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and hundreds of books from the two major commercial LDS publishing houses, Deseret Book and Bookcraft. At the LDS website, users can do keyword searches of LDS periodicals since 1970 and the church's instructional manuals.
(1998), Mediating in Cyprus: The Cypriot Communities and the United Nations, Great Britain: Bookcraft Ltd.
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The best book we've found is, Passport to Survival by Esther Dickey, Bookcraft, Inc., 1969.
But before he did so, he published monograph-length chapters on Kirillov's physical structures (chapter 2) and economy (chapter 1), and, in three journal installments, four-fifths of chapter 4 on the Beloozero cloister's communal and cell life, as well as some specific and general materials which might have served as the base for an eventual chapter 6 on its bookcraft (knizhnost').
Ikeja Nigeria: Special Events Limited in Associ--ation with Bookcraft, 2006.