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or me•tisse


n., pl. -tisses (-ˈtis, -ˈti sɪz)
1. a woman of mixed ancestry.
2. (cap.) (in Canada) a woman of white, esp. French, and American Indian parentage.
[1890–95; < French, feminine of métis métis]
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In June the song Boom Boom Ba was used on the Next Best Thing and Madonna has been championing Metisse ever since.
Only two weeks after the band left Wildstar, Boom Boom Ba was signed up for The Next Best Thing and since then, companies all over the world have been chasing Metisse to sign on the dotted line.
The single Boom Boom Ba was supposed to be just a 20 second snippet in her film The Next Best Thing, but she liked it that much that she put it in as the title track," revealed Ger.