sawed-off shotgun

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Noun1.sawed-off shotgun - a shotgun with short barrels
scattergun, shotgun - firearm that is a double-barreled smoothbore shoulder weapon for firing shot at short ranges
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But that's enough about the formidable 'Boomstick' hot dog they serve at Major League Baseball - all 2,000 calories of it.
At PS24 a pop, the formidable Boomstick hot dog they serve at MLB - all 2,000 calories of it - is smothered in enough garnish to feed a family of four with all the condiments of the season.
He had gone 10 games and 44 plate appearances without breaking out the "Boomstick" as he likes to call it.
Stuck in its own development hell for nearly a decade, Doom (otherwise known as Doom 4) is a back-to-basics run out for the series - buckets of blood, over-the-top weapons and more demons to turn into gory puddles than you can shake a boomstick at.