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They are a shining reproof to all low-grade German "ruby" enamels, so-called "boort" facings, and the dangerous and unsatisfactory alumina compounds which please dividend-hunting owners and turn skippers crazy.
Cam Parker, a farmer from Boort, Victoria is situated less than 100km from the NSW border.
Water-rats also were seen in several lakes on the Murray floodplain, including Reedy Lake and Kangaroo Lake, with multiple sightings made at Lake Charm and Little Lake Boort.
Local Government Town LGA Area (LGA) (UCL) Population Area (ha) Buloke Shire Birchip 662 800 040 Charlton 968 Donald 1 355 Wycheproof 628 Campaspe Shire Echuca 12 613 451 886 Kyabram 5 642 Rochester 2 652 Rushworth 981 Tongala 1 245 Greater City of Bendigo Bendigo 82 794 299 998 Heathcote 1 688 Conargo Shire Conargo 1 540 873 794 Deniliquin Deniliquin 6 441 14 319 Gannawarrra Shire Cohuna 11 818 373 534 Kerang 3 567 Loddon Shire Boort 760 669 644 Inglewood 711 Mt Alexander Shire Castlemaine 9 124 152 962 Maldon 1 236 Murray Shire Mathoura 650 434 445 Rural City of Swan Hill Swan Hill 9 894 611531 Nyah West 491 Wakool Shire Barham 1 151 752 047 Moulamein 330 N=11 N=24 158 941 5 434,200 Source: Australia Bureau of Statistics (2016).
But the town of Boort has shadows and secrets and Sadie finds herself caught up in strange happenings, which challenge her to discover a long hidden truth.
Bureppa bureppa: on Loddon up to Boort--who join the Jajowrong at Boort;
During May and June 1855, perhaps to divert her mind from her absent suitor, Edith Howitt went to stay at Boort station on the Loddon with family friends, the recently married Frederic Race Godfrey and his beautiful young wife, Lily.
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Country in the area around Boort, another bark etching dated from about
Boort, Boort, il he defailli mie avant ier en vos que je ne fui ocis, quant li dui chevalier me menoient batant et vos me lessastes aler, que-onques he m'aidastes, ainz alastes aidier a la damoisele qui li chevaliers emportoit, et me lessastes en peril de mort.