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n.1.A toper; a guzzler. See Boozer.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The Egyptian Customs Authority has allowed the private sector to import octane booser without interference from the EGPC.
Other freshman hurlers to keep an eye on are right-hander Scott Schultz (Gig Harbor, Wash.), right-hander Adam Duke (Spanish Fork, Utah), left-hander Cam Booser (Milton, Wash.) and right-hander Dan Child (Rocklin, Calif.).
Of course, it isn't fair to stereotype people and nationalities, but the British have taken over the German stereotype of "booser." (ANI)
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For wooden bearings, with the loading stress P expressed in units of kg-f/[cm.sup.2] and sliding velocity V in units of m/min, the [PV.sub.max] index found in the literature ranges from 260 to 320, with individual [P.sub.max] of 140 and [V.sub.max] of 600 (Wilcock and Booser 1957, Anon.
The Politics of Weapons Innovation by Michael Armacost, Put It In Writing by David Blot, Handbook of Lubrication by E Richard Booser, Oh!
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Commodore Gas and Electric, Erie, PA has named Jeffrey Booser as manager of energy distribution systems.
1983) and may induce torpor in hummingbirds (Calder and Booser 1973, Hainsworth et al.