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boot 1

1. A durable covering for the foot and part or much of the leg, usually made of leather, fabric, plastic, or rubber.
2. A protective covering, especially a sheath to enclose the base of a floor-mounted gear shift lever in a car or truck.
3. Chiefly British An automobile trunk.
a. A kick.
b. Slang An unceremonious dismissal, as from a job. Used with the.
c. Slang A swift, pleasurable feeling; a thrill.
5. A Denver boot.
6. A marine or navy recruit in basic training.
7. Computers The process of starting or restarting a computer.
8. boots An instrument of torture, used to crush the foot and leg.
tr.v. boot·ed, boot·ing, boots
1. To put boots on.
2. To kick: booted the ball into the goal.
3. Slang To discharge unceremoniously. See Synonyms at dismiss.
4. Computers To start (a computer) by loading an operating system from a disk.
5. To disable (a vehicle) by attaching a Denver boot.
6. Baseball To misplay (a ground ball).

[Middle English bote, from Old French.]

boot 2

intr.v. boot·ed, boot·ing, boots
To be of help or advantage; avail.
1. Chiefly Southern & Midland US See lagniappe.
2. Archaic Advantage; avail.
to boot
In addition; besides: The new cruise ship was not only the biggest in the world, but the fastest to boot.

[Middle English boten, to be of help, from Old English bōtian, from bōt, help; see bhad- in Indo-European roots.]


The process of setting up all of the operating programs of a computer, section by section until complete and ready to operate.
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Additionally, both MXK-F models increase uplink capacity to more than 300 Gigabits per second (Gbps), reduce boot time by 80 percent and support nearly five times the number of connected devices.
This new service offering is targeted for improving performance of systems to achieve a faster boot time and longer up time between recharges.
He said Windows 8 has a better battery life, faster boot time and a smaller memory footprint and has undergone 1.
Deploying RDS/XenApp workloads behind Atlantis ILIO can reduce storage requirements, improve provisioning and boot time and improve scalability.
User Experience: accelerated boot time technologies including Hyper boot enabling devices to resume from RAM in less than 1 second and from Flash in 8 seconds, multiwindowing screen navigation, multimedia functionalities and a firmware management system that supports both online and offline update methods.
This is really great news, as having this feature on instant-on computers will not only speed up the boot time of desktop and laptop computers significantly, but it will also help to raise the awareness of encryption," he added.
In addition, this security application enables mobile devices to run faster while minimizing the boot time of any newly added features.
Google claims that Chrome's boot time is only three seconds, the speediest among existing OS, and the system is developed based on the cloud computing concept and hence will automatically store users' computer data in online servers.
And since you're cleaning, here's one more tip: You can dramatically speed your PC's boot time by removing any unneeded startup apps.
By working at boot time, before Windows loads, this utility defragments system files that are normally out of reach.
0 also includes a revolutionary management tool that allows critical system files, like the Paging File, to be scheduled remotely for defragmentation during boot time.
These critical NT files can be safely defragmented at boot time and should be, as they are especially vulnerable to fragmentation.