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boot 1

1. A durable covering for the foot and part or much of the leg, usually made of leather, fabric, plastic, or rubber.
2. A protective covering, especially a sheath to enclose the base of a floor-mounted gear shift lever in a car or truck.
3. Chiefly British An automobile trunk.
a. A kick.
b. Slang An unceremonious dismissal, as from a job. Used with the.
c. Slang A swift, pleasurable feeling; a thrill.
5. A Denver boot.
6. A marine or navy recruit in basic training.
7. Computers The process of starting or restarting a computer.
8. boots An instrument of torture, used to crush the foot and leg.
tr.v. boot·ed, boot·ing, boots
1. To put boots on.
2. To kick: booted the ball into the goal.
3. Slang To discharge unceremoniously. See Synonyms at dismiss.
4. Computers To start (a computer) by loading an operating system from a disk.
5. To disable (a vehicle) by attaching a Denver boot.
6. Baseball To misplay (a ground ball).

[Middle English bote, from Old French.]

boot 2

intr.v. boot·ed, boot·ing, boots
To be of help or advantage; avail.
1. Chiefly Southern & Midland US See lagniappe.
2. Archaic Advantage; avail.
to boot
In addition; besides: The new cruise ship was not only the biggest in the world, but the fastest to boot.

[Middle English boten, to be of help, from Old English bōtian, from bōt, help; see bhad- in Indo-European roots.]


The process of setting up all of the operating programs of a computer, section by section until complete and ready to operate.
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A zero-power brown-out reset (BOR) function, a new failsafe clock system, enhanced watchdog timer and improved bootstrap loader (BSL) make these micro-controllers suitable for products designed for use in harsh environments.
Peripheral blocks integrated in the ST10F168 include a CAN interface, 32-channel capture and compare unit, five 16-bit timers, 16 channels of 10-bit analog-digital converters with a conversion rate down to 7.76us, a four channel pulse-width modulation unit, an asynchronous communications channel, synchronous communication channel, 56 interrupt sources with a sample rate down to 40ns, eight channel peripheral event controlled interrupts transferring data within one CPU cycle, an on-chip bootstrap loader, an idle mode and two powerdown modes.
This little program is known as the bootstrap loader. Like POST, the bootstrap loader is stored in the ROM BIOS chips so it is always ready to run.