Bora Bora

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Bo·ra Bo·ra

 (bôr′ə bôr′ə)
A volcanic island of French Polynesia in the Leeward group of the Society Islands in the southern Pacific Ocean.

Bora Bora

(ˈbɔːrə ˈbɔːrə)
(Placename) an island in the S Pacific, in French Polynesia, in the Society Islands: one of the Leeward Islands. Area: 39 sq km (15 sq miles)

Bo•ra Bo•ra

(ˈbɔr ə ˈbɔr ə; ˈboʊr ə ˈboʊr ə)
an island in the Society Islands, in the S Pacific, NW of Tahiti. ab. 2000; 15 sq. mi. (39 sq. km).
References in classic literature ?
Otoo, he told me his name was (pronounced o-to-o ); also, he told me that he was a native of Bora Bora, the most westerly of the Society Group.
I remained ashore to recuperate; and he went on in a cutter to his own island, Bora Bora.
All the people on Bora Bora were Christians; but he was a heathen, the only unbeliever on the island, a gross materialist, who believed that when he died he was dead.
My people in Bora Bora do not like heathen--they are all Christians; and I do not like Bora Bora Christians," he said one day, when I, with the idea of getting him to spend some of the money that was rightfully his, had been trying to persuade him to make a visit to his own island in one of our schooners--a special voyage which I had hoped to make a record breaker in the matter of prodigal expense.
If Jehovah be from His high place watching every sparrow fall, not least in His kingdom shall be Otoo, the one heathen of Bora Bora.
Entry to the Bora Bora Ibiza party cost from pounds 8 and doors are open from 10pm to 4am.
Organised by Nathalie Dubois of Dubois Pelin and Associates, this year's VIP experience included goodies courtesy of Black and Brown London, Simi bags, Eva Varro clothes, Fitflop, Barbara Bela designer dresses, luxury holidays to Bora Bora and Thailand, scents by Amouge, designer shades by Marchon Eyewear, all watered down with refreshments from The Berry Company.
Travel Business Review-December 16, 2011--Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora Offers Winter Packages(C)2011] ENPublishing - http://www.
ALONG with exotic sister islands Moorea and Bora Bora, Tahiti lies in the southern Pacific, part of French Polynesia.
Bora Bora Resources is owner of the historical St Arnaud gold field in Victoria, which records show from 1864 to 1916 produced a total of 358,720oz of gold at an average grade of 15.
The Aussie driver told the Mirror that his worst holiday memory was a trip to Bora Bora about ten years ago.
Danny O has been resident at Ibiza's legendary Bora Bora since summer 2012 and a regular at Cafe Mambo since 2010.