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Noun1.Borago - perennial herbs of the Mediterranean regionBorago - perennial herbs of the Mediterranean region
plant genus - a genus of plants
borage family, Boraginaceae, family Boraginaceae - a widely distributed family of plants distinguished by circinate flowers and nutlike fruit
borage, Borago officinalis, tailwort - hairy blue-flowered European annual herb long used in herbal medicine and eaten raw as salad greens or cooked like spinach
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2009), who evaluated products in which different concentrations of celery and Borago officinalis extracts were added, respectively, in order to determine the antioxidant effect and acceptability of fermented products and demonstrated that increased aging time improved the flavor of these products compared to the control treatment.
BETULACEAE Alnus acuminata * BORAGINACEAE Borago officinalis Phacelia pinnatifida * BRASSICACEAE Brassica sp.
123 Lythraceae Cuphea hyssopifolia 124 Malvaceae Malva sylvestris 125 Equisetaceae Equisetum bogotense 126 Phytolaccaceae Phytolacca bogotensis 127 Asteraceae Taraxacum officinale 128 Solanaceae Solanum nigrum 129 Plantaginaceae Plantago major 130 Amaranthaceae Chenopodium ambrosioides 131 Adoxaceae Sambucus nigra 132 Malvaceae Sparrmannia africana 133 Boraginaceae Borago officinalis 134 Bromeliaceae Bromelia plumieri 135 Asteraceae Achyrocline satureioides 136 Apiaceae Niphogeton glaucescens 137 Lamiaceae Lepechinia salvifolia 138 Myrtaceae Eucalyptus globulus 139 Urticaceae Parietaria debilis 140 Polygonaceae Rumex crispus 141 Asteraceae Stevia lucida 142 Solanaceae Brugmansia sanguinea 143 Piperaceae Piper bogotense 144 Rosaceae Sanguisorba minor 145 Oxalidaceae Oxalis sp.
The chemical composition, botanical characteristic and biological activities of Borago officinalis: a review.
Interactive effects of silicon and aluminum on the malondialdehyde (MDA), proline, protein and phenolic compounds in Borago officinalis L.
Viola odorata, Viola tricolor, Taraxacum officinale, Sambucus nigra, Borago officinalis, Robinia pseudoaccacia, Malva sylvestris, Tagetes erecta, Cosmos sulphureus, Antigonon leptopus, Bouganvillea glabra, Salvia splendens, Camelia japonica, Bauhinia purpurea and Allamanda cathartica (SANGALLI et al.
I'd also love to explore more of South America, taking in Chile [including Borago and 99, among others], Argentina [too many to name], and Brazil [with Lasai and A Casa do Porco high on the list], including the wine regions, of course, as a glorified gourmet backpacker.
Clinical Assessment of Treatment Outcomes Following Borago officinalis Extract Therapy in Patients Presenting with Cyclical Mastalgia.
Thankfully, the dress code is not so minimal in Borago, a wildly creative restaurant that currently entire 4,300km length of Chile.
Thankfully, the dress code is not so minimal in Borago, a wildly creative restaurant that currently rates eighth in Latin America's 50 Best Restaurants list.