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1. Any of a series of boron-hydrogen compounds, especially a reactive gaseous molecule, BH3, that is the simplest binary compound of boron and hydrogen.
2. A derivative of such a compound.


(Elements & Compounds) any compound of boron and hydrogen, used in the synthesis of other boron compounds and as high-energy fuels
[C20: from bor(on) + -ane]


(ˈbɔr eɪn, ˈboʊr-)

any of the compounds of boron and hydrogen.
[< German Boran (1916); see boron, -ane]
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Inorganic Specialties includes the Evans City, Pennsylvania, USA, production site and the Specialty Alcoholates, Boranes and Alkali Metals product lines which are produced at the site.
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For example, handling nickel sulfate or borax does not require any special precaution, but handling nickel carbonyl or boranes (organic boron compounds) requires extensive precautions because of their high toxicity.
Brown et al used halo boranes for the selective hydroboration, but the reagent itself is not stable over a period of time, cleaving the ether solvent at significant rate, even with storage at 0[degrees]C.
Prof Lipscomb was awarded the Nobel for his studies on the structure and bonding mechanisms of compounds known as "boranes", a combination of boron and hydrogen molecules.
Y si las minorias carecen de esta habilidad linguistica, que es su boleto de entrada a la economia nacional, es debido a la carencia de atencion e inversion en un proyecto educativo que atienda el deficit de comunicacion dentro de las fronteras y combata el analfabetismo, que se supone muy alto en tibetanos, salares, boranes y dongxianes, en comparacion con el desempeno del hui, ruso, tartaro, uzbeko y coreano.
Further work by BASF scientists was presented by Dr Karl Matos; he showed that the reductive amination of aldehydes and ketones with boranes is an important direct transformation of carbonyl compounds into amines, which are, themselves, ubiquitous functionalities in current drugs and active pharmaceutical intermediates.
Piers' research interests include the development of synthetic applications of perfluoroaryl boranes. Piers has more than 75 independent scholarly publications; previous honors awarded include the Province of Ontario's John C.