n.1.The base or servile tenure by which a bordar held his cottage.
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In addition to the buttressing role that philosophy, history, and theory have in all research, the systematic development of philosophies, historical accounts, and theories is equally important because these guide future research and move a science forward (Cook, Bordage, & Schmidt, 2008).
Bordage, Competency-Based Education: Milestones or Millstones 1?
Esta se utilizo para crear la empresa Bordage Commercial Inc.
Francine Bordage, Chief Nursing Officer/Nursing Resources Advisor with the Department of Health gave a presentation to the Board of Directors to provide an update on health human resource planning.
It may also exacerbate CBs (Elstein, 1999; Bordage, 1999; Redelmeier & Shafir, 1995; Kahneman, Slovic, & Tversky, 1982).
Rutkowski; a son Edward Rutkowski and his wife, June, of Wesley Chapel, FL; a daughter Deborah Bordage and her husband, Paul, of Auburn, MA; a daughter Karen Nagle of Haydenville, MA; a son William Rutkowski and his wife, Ann, of Palmer, MA; nine grandchildren; and one great-granddaughter.
Other writers of significance examined in this last part of the study include Ayerdhal, Joelle Wintrebert (one of the very few women in French sf; my choice of the term "man" rather than the more inclusive "humanity" in the question above is a pointed one), Pierre Bordage, Serge Brussolo, Jean-Claude Dunyach, Michel Jeury, and Jean-Pierre Andrevon, among others.
J'aime bien aussi la SF (Dan Simmons, Pierre Bordage, Asimov bien sur), et les polars bien ficeles (Donald Westlake, quel style
The other 6 citrus-feeding psyllid species include Mesohomotoma lutheri (Enderlein 1918) (= Udamostigma lutheri Enderlein), Psylla citricola Yang & Li 1984, Psylla citrisuga Yang & Li 1984, Psylla murrayi Mathur 1975, Trioza citroimpura Yang & Li 1984, Trioza erytreae (del Guercio 1918) (= Aleurodes erytreae del Guercio, = Trioza citri Laing, = Trioza merwei Pettey, = Spanioza merwei (Pettey), = Spanioza erythreae (del Guercio) (Hollis 1984)), and Trioza litseae Bordage 1898 (= Trioza eastopi Orian 1972) (Halbert & Manjunath 2004).
Cook, Beckman, and Bordage (2007) reviewed articles reporting experimental studies in medical education published in six well-respected medical journals in 2003-2004.
Having established a base on the Islands in 2005 with the opening of their investment HQ at 18 Le Bordage, Guernsey, The Stanley Gibbons Group have rapidly expanded their footprint with the opening of offices in Jersey in 2009, before relocating to larger premises at the prime location of 18 Hill Street this month.