The Border

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specifically, the frontier districts of Scotland and England which lie adjacent.

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Meanwhile on the eastern border, the traditional exchange of gifts ceremony could not take place between Pakistan and India due to unabated ceasefire violations between the two countries.
The dash cameras have been attached to continuously record the situation on the border crossing point, movement of people crossing the border, the State Border Service said.
The construction of Suam border post is under way.On the Kenya Tanzania border, the ministry has built the Lungalunga/Horohoro, Namanga and Isebania/Sirare posts.
"In response to the Kyrgyz servicemen's demands not to violate the state border and carry out patrol at a certain distance from the state border, the Uzbek border detachment opened fire on the Kyrgyz servicemen," said the message.
At the moment, the situation remains tense on this segment of the Kyrgyz-Tajik border, the State Border Service noticed.
Hinkle, Stacy 1970 Wings over the Border, the Army Air Service Armed Patrol of the United States-Mexico Border, 1919-1921.
It wasn't that voters didn't want to close the border, the hard-liners assert, it was that voters who wanted to do that were distracted by anger over the war in Iraq and other issues, and voted for Democrats anyway.