Border collie

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border collie

A dog of a medium-sized, agile breed developed in the border country of England and Scotland for herding sheep, often having a wavy black coat with white markings.
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Border collie

(Animals) a medium-sized breed of collie with a silky usually black-and-white coat: used mainly as sheepdogs
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Bor′der col`lie

one of a breed of medium-sized herding dogs, developed in the border area of Scotland and England, having a harsh, wavy, usu. black-and-white coat.
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Noun1.Border collie - developed in the area between Scotland and England usually having a black coat with white on the head and tip of tail used for herding both sheep and cattleBorder collie - developed in the area between Scotland and England usually having a black coat with white on the head and tip of tail used for herding both sheep and cattle
sheep dog, sheepdog, shepherd dog - any of various usually long-haired breeds of dog reared to herd and guard sheep
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Pupils from a specialist Staffordshire school have raised much-needed funds for the Border Collie Trust, a charity that rescues and rehomes dogs across the UK.
A great example of a breed that is perfect for some families but could be disastrous in others is the Border Collie.
A black-and-white border collie named Rocket was set to be killed because of his obsessive behavior and high energy.
Q: My 11-month-old male border collie, Alfie, always has loose stools.
Known as Border Collie Collapse (BCC), exercise-induced collapse, stress seizures or "the wobbles," the condition has been seen in dogs in North America, Europe and Australia.
Routines included eight-year-old German Schnauzer Solo, and his owner Dorothy, Julia and her Border collie Millie, Jill Forbes and her Border collie, Jed, and Margaret and Border collie, Macy.
Highways England issued an appeal to trace the owner last Thursday after a pair of traffic officers found the border collie on the westbound carriageway of the motorway near Skelmersdale.
The campaign was started by Simon Falla, from Chapel House, who had taken in a couple of rescue border collie dogs.
The court heard that the 17-yearold victim was walking past Davies' property on October 1, when she heard barking, and a black and white border collie and a smaller dog rushed out of a property.
Ben Wilkes, at Border Collie Trust GB in Staffordshire, has been nominated for Animal Charity Volunteer of the Year in the Petplan and Association of Dogs and Cats Homes (ADCH) Animal Charity Awards.

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