Border State

Bor′der State`

(sometimes l.c.) any of the Slave States bordering on the North before the Civil War, usu. including Delaware, Maryland, Kentucky, Missouri, and Virginia: only Virginia seceded.
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JUCHITAN, Mexico City, Dhu-AlHijjah 18, 1438, Sep 9, 2017, SPA -- The death toll in Mexico's earthquake has risen to 64 with three more deaths reported in the southern border state of Chiapas, according to AP.
PCA's assumptions and cement consumption estimates by border state are summarized below.
Nevertheless, by the end of 1863 it was clear that the one state where slavery seemed to survive was the fellow Union border state of Kentucky.
The commentator said he didn't mean that Malek had stolen money in Warrap, but that his article was entirely about how local politicians in Warrap viewed the border state.
The Gandhis are on a twoday visit to the troubled border state after the Kashmir Valley was struck by devastating floods early this month.
Texas and the Mexican border state of Tamaulipas were selected to chair this year's event, scheduled for late September.
NINETEEN bodies have been discovered in Mexico's northern border state of Chihuahua, including 11 apparently long-dead men found in mass graves and eight others who were tortured and killed in recent days.
KHARTOUM, Aug 25 (KUNA) -- One Sudanese soldier was killed and nine others were injured in clashes with rebels of Sudan People's Liberation Movement North (SPLM-N) in the border state of South Kordofan, Sudanese military announced on Saturday.
However, recent tensions in the border state of South Kordofan and the disputed region of Abyei have raised fears that the split could be a violent one.
The talks in Ethiopia came as North Sudan's ruling party warned the South against supporting a "rebellion" in the Southern Kordofan border state, saying such a move could affect recognition of the south when it secedes.
More people cross into the United States from Mexico illegally via Arizona than any other border state.
Her presentation is titled "Neoliberalism's Wet Dream: Queer Students, Immigration, and the Shifting Border State," which will examine the DREAM Act and queer students' activism around the legislation.