Border terrier

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border terrier

A dog of a small hardy breed developed in the border country of England and Scotland to hunt foxes, having ears that fold forward and a short wiry coat.

Border terrier

(Breeds) a small rough-coated breed of terrier that originated in the Borders

Bor′der ter′rier

any of a breed of small terriers with a wiry coat, developed in the border area of Scotland and England.
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Noun1.Border terrier - small rough-coated terrier of British originBorder terrier - small rough-coated terrier of British origin
terrier - any of several usually small short-bodied breeds originally trained to hunt animals living underground
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Q My beautiful Border terrier, I am ashamed to say, does the same thing.
Sophie Patterson, 37, of Ely, Cambridgeshire, was walking Alfie, a 20-week-old Border Terrier cross, with daughters Anna, 11, and Lucy, eight, when a Harris Hawk, being exercised by its owner, swooped and locked its talons around the pup.
The Border Terrier Leek Club based on the Marden Estate, has raised pounds 600 for the children's ward at North Tyneside Hospital.
They live in Surrey and have a border terrier Maggie.
Murray is being offered a lucrative deal by Wagg Foods to advertise their products with his border terrier Maggie.
Regular readers will know about my beloved Border terrier Betty.
His website also mentions there is a vacancy for a girlfriend/wife, housekeeper/carer and a trainee Border terrier.
THE Border Terrier Leek Club helped raise vital funds for the Children's ward at North Tyneside Hospital by auctioning their produce.
Border terrier Piper was nabbed three months ago from outside the home of owners Tracey and Gus Gorman and their three kids.
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The Border terrier and bull mastiff had been locked in a room adjoining the kitchen of Connelly's home in Pallister Avenue, Middlesbrough.
Christine Reid's border terrier, Sam, had to be put down a week after the attack by a gang of yobs in March.