Border terrier

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border terrier

A dog of a small hardy breed developed in the border country of England and Scotland to hunt foxes, having ears that fold forward and a short wiry coat.

Border terrier

(Breeds) a small rough-coated breed of terrier that originated in the Borders

Bor′der ter′rier

any of a breed of small terriers with a wiry coat, developed in the border area of Scotland and England.
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Noun1.Border terrier - small rough-coated terrier of British originBorder terrier - small rough-coated terrier of British origin
terrier - any of several usually small short-bodied breeds originally trained to hunt animals living underground
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Over 250 border terriers and their owners are expected to participate in a wide variety of activities.
Border terriers Holly and Poppy barked to wake Tony Baker, 59, and his wife Jacky, 68.
Some Border Terriers seem prone to a recurrence of dental plaque more quickly than other breeds.
Staffordshire bull terriers were third on 4.9% while shih tzus came fourth with 4.5% and border terriers were the fifth most popular on 4.1%.
The 25-year-old sportsperson even sorted pictures to go on the pooches ID cards, which confirmed the border terriers as part of the Murray family.
Mummy warned Charlie that any more of this would land him on the naughty step, to which he calmly replied, "While I'm on the naughty step, will you please make sure that Jamie doesn't touch any of my toys?" I have a nasty feeling that the naughty step doesn't work with Border terriers, while Mrs Hann has vetoed the shouting, screaming and corporal punishment that were the mainstays of both child rearing and pet training when I was growing up myself.
They own a pair of Border terriers, Maggie May and Rusty, who have their own 'doggie' passports, travelling to Paris for the French Open championship.
She said the thieves fell into three categories: drug addicts who snatched pets and sold them in pubs; thieves who took dogs then demanded a ransom and organised crooks, who stole animals, especially pedigree dogs such as Staffordshire bull terriers, labradors, border terriers and lurchers, to order.
Collie cross mongrels, Cairn terriers, border terriers and a lab/basset cross - would I trust any of them on their own with children?