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(Italian borˈɡeze)
(Biography) a noble Italian family whose members were influential in Italian art and politics from the 16th to the 19th century


(bɔrˈgeɪ zi, -zeɪ)

noble Italian family, important in Italian politics and society from the 16th to the 19th century.
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Then the band would play a march, an amnesty would be declared, the Pope would agree to retire from Rome to Brazil; then there would be a ball for the whole of Italy at the Villa Borghese on the shores of Lake Como, Lake Como being for that purpose transferred to the neighbourhood of Rome; then would come a scene in the bushes, and so on, and so on--as though you did not know all about it?
Beautiful as Pauline Borghese, she looked at the moment scarcely purer than Lucrece de Borgia.
The carriage was traversing that part of the Pincian Garden that overhangs the wall of Rome and overlooks the beautiful Villa Borghese.
A very great nobleman, but whether Maltese or Sicilian I cannot exactly say; but this I know, that he is noble as a Borghese and rich as a gold-mine.
197) (enjoining great-grandson from using Bertolli family name, in part because he had no prior reputation associated with his family name in the industry and had suggested a connection between his business and plaintiffs business in advertising); Borghese Trademarks Inc.
BenchAaAaAeA@ a distan di diversi decenni, entrambe disvelano un potentissimo punto di vista, una presa di posizione etica nei riguardi della classe borghese del tempo.
The academy was founded in 1929, first located at Villa Borghese district; then it was moved to Collo Opeyo Palace in 1930.
Formerly known as the Aleph Rome Hotel, it is an 88-room hotel based near all of Rome's tourists sites such as the Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, Villa Borghese and many other key attractions.
Also, feel free to email Doug Borghese (Marketing Manager for Ukuza) directly for any image and asset needs: doug@ukuza.
The Montblanc Patron of Art Edition is a tribute to one of the greatest patrons of Baroque art and 17th century art collector Scipione Borghese
In todays highly connected world, land, air and sea platforms can fall victim to cyber attack, said John Borghese, vice president of the Advanced Technology Center for Rockwell Collins.
West joins Borghese after four years as partner and managing director at Traub, a global brand business development firm.