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Gutzon Borglum


 (bôr′gləm), Gutzon Originally John Gutzon de la Mothe Borglum. 1867-1941.
American sculptor noted for his monumental works, particularly the presidential busts on Mount Rushmore.


(Biography) (John) Gutzon (ˈɡʌtsən). 1867–1941, US sculptor, noted for his monumental busts of US presidents carved in the mountainside of Mount Rushmore


(ˈbɔr gləm)

John Gutzon, 1867–1941, U.S. sculptor.
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The upgrades are designed to make it easier to traverse the park and provide clearer views of Gutzon Borglum's sculpture, which features the faces of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt.
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Rushmore in South Dakota was not even a glimmer in the eyes of Sculptor, Gutzon Borglum, World War I just concluded a couple months before Harold was born.
the Stone Mountain Confederate Memorial Association, and Gutzon Borglum,
That's because the sculptor Gutzon Borglum, who also designed Mount Rushmore, "put all the holes in it with amber glass" during a 1916 redesign, park Superintendent John Piltzecker said.
It was Gutzon Borglum who created this masterpiece but, having died just before its completion, Borglum missed today's opening ceremony.
* Who were Jonah LeRoy "Doane" Robinson and Gutzon Borglum, and why were they significant to Mount Rushmore?
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In the Black Hills of Dakota, it took sculptor Gutzon Borglum 14 years to carve four 60-feet high of former presidents out of granite.