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Noun1.Boris Karloff - United States film actor (born in England) noted for his performances in horror films (1887-1969)
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Shadow Home Secretary Widdecombe, who has admitted she is no beauty, was once cruelly dubbed Doris Karloff by critics because of her resemblance to the Frankenstein horror movie actor Boris Karloff.
With Virginia Mayo (merely a bit player in Kaye's 1944 debut Up In Arms), Boris Karloff, Fay Bainter and Thurston Hall.
If Boris Karloff pops up in the middle of a re-run of the Tynecastle debacle today, Scotland players needn't be shocked.
Watch out for a frightening encounter with Frankenstein's monster at this hands-on movie museum - you can come face to face with the towering stand-in model of the monster played by Boris Karloff in the vintage 1935 film, The Bride Of Frankenstein.
Lon Chaney's dad was General Custer's barber - and Boris Karloff's great aunt was Anna Leon- owens, who inspired hit musical The King And I.
You've got a Boris Karloff complexion, bloodshot eyes and black bags that Samsonite would be proud of.
IT was Boris Karloff (William Henry Pratt 1887-1969), who was not at all monstrous off-screen.
You could get a latex head of Boris Karloff for PS20 98, or one costing PS48.95, that claims to be a likeness of Bela Lugosi, but looks more like Simon Cowell.
1887: Boris Karloff (below), actor best-known for horror roles, was born in London.
| 1887: Boris Karloff, actor bestknown for horror roles, was born in London.
NEW YORK (Reuters) - A rare, original poster from the Boris Karloff horror classic, "The Mummy," is expected to sell for over $1 million, a record price for a film poster, Sotheby's said on Thursday.
Charles, invites the community to the Silent Film Night series tonight featuring the James Young's film "The Bells," starring Boris Karloff and Lionel Barrymore.