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Noun1.Boris Pasternak - Russian writer whose best known novel was banned by Soviet authorities but translated and published abroad (1890-1960)
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1 Eight of the Busby Babes were killed in a plane crash 2 Britain's first section of motorway was opened 3 The first life peers took their seats in the House of Lords 4 Boris Pasternak won the Nobel Prize for literature impossipuzzles "WHAT'S the time, Sam?" asked Elsie.
It's the same for the other two Boris I read about back in school as an amateur quizzer - Boris Pasternak and Boris Spassky, both Russian and both with plenty of talking points about them - for better and for worse.
Answer to last week's photo-quiz: Boris Pasternak. The book was Dr.
At this evening, the actor spoke about the work of famous poets Vladimir Mayakovsky, Aleksandr Blok and Boris Pasternak, and read their poems.
An Italian Communist journalist named Sergio d'Angelo had visited Boris Pasternak to discuss possible publication of his latest work.
This is not surprising, because the highlights of his research year in the USSR were meetings with intellectuals and cultural elites, like Boris Pasternak, Kornei Chukovskii, and Anna Akhmatova.
Boris Pasternak's novel was deemed "anti-Soviet" so he risked his life to have six copies sneaked out.
A Boris Kamenev B Boris Zinoviev C Boris Pasternak D Boris Tolstoy 3.
The film was adapted from a 1957 book by the Russian author Boris Pasternak, one of the most famous poets from the Soviet Union.
"At home in Moscow, as a young man, Oleg often talked to the likes of Shostakovich and Rostropovich, who dropped in for coffee or tea, and he had poetry lessons with Boris Pasternak. The conversations I had with Oleg gave me a unique insight into Russian cultural life at the time.