Born days

days since one was born; lifetime.
- John iii. 3.
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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"Never saw I so fine a sight in all my born days. You did knock him over like as he were a ninepin!"
It was remarkable that the latter gentleman and his partner invariably lost; and that the circumstance, so far from angering Master Bates, appeared to afford him the highest amusement, inasmuch as he laughed most uproariously at the end of every deal, and protested that he had never seen such a jolly game in all his born days.
Well, I never see the beat of it in my born days! I lay you'll be the Methusalem-num- skull of creation before ever I ask you -- or the likes of you."
But I am a plain unlarned man, that has sarved both the king and his country, in his day, agin’ the French and savages, but never so much as looked into a book, or larnt a letter of scholarship, in my born days. I’ve never seen the use of much in-door work, though I have lived to be partly bald, and in my time have killed two hundred beaver in a season, and that without counting thc other game.
Shuttleworthy's heart good to see the old fellow swallow it, as he did, quart after quart; so that, one day, when the wine was in and the wit as a natural consequence, somewhat out, he said to his crony, as he slapped him upon the back -- "I tell you what it is, 'Old Charley,' you are, by all odds, the heartiest old fellow I ever came across in all my born days; and, since you love to guzzle the wine at that fashion, I'll be darned if I don't have to make thee a present of a big box of the Chateau-Margaux.
He said, `If you had a cow and an apple tree, and if you tied the apple tree in your stable and planted the cow in your orchard, with her legs up, how much milk would you get from the apple tree, or how many apples from the cow?' Did you ever hear the like in your born days, dearie?
'Well, I never see sitch an old ghost in all my born days,' exclaimed Sam, rubbing the old gentleman's back, hard enough to set him on fire with the friction.
You never saw such a rusty Prince in all your born days as he was.
The story follows Nike, Leyla, and Amir--three orphans born days apart, in the same bed, amidst the bombs of Sarajevo (Bilal's homeland) during the war of Yugoslavia in 1993.
A child born days before Lomba would be considered two years old after Lomba supporting the belief of Haaps counting nine months in a the womb as a year as well.
Her oldest child was born days after the storm on a debris-strewn floor of Tacloban's destroyed airport building, in a moment captured by AFP and other media.
Asked what she likes about Rod, Flo - who was born days before the end of World War I - said: "I used to like his hair." 4 r5