Born days

days since one was born; lifetime.
- John iii. 3.
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It was remarkable that the latter gentleman and his partner invariably lost; and that the circumstance, so far from angering Master Bates, appeared to afford him the highest amusement, inasmuch as he laughed most uproariously at the end of every deal, and protested that he had never seen such a jolly game in all his born days.
She had, but to her two-roomed house she had to stick all her born days.
But I am a plain unlarned man, that has sarved both the king and his country, in his day, agin’ the French and savages, but never so much as looked into a book, or larnt a letter of scholarship, in my born days.
Did you ever hear the like in your born days, dearie?
Well, I never see sitch an old ghost in all my born days,' exclaimed Sam, rubbing the old gentleman's back, hard enough to set him on fire with the friction.
You never saw such a rusty Prince in all your born days as he was.
IT'S paws for thought as these 12 adorable pups - born days after their lurcher mum was found abandoned with multiple wounds - are now ready for new homes.
At the warm up before they came on I had never seen so many high stacked Marshalls in all my born days.
Cristoph Raphael, Archie's son, was born days after the supertyphoon hit Tacloban.
NOW Hooky looks like spending the rest of his born days in the slammer, the next question is what will happen to Mohammed Mustafa Kamel?
Nina, who was born days after war broke out, recalls one particular wartime Christmas meal as a tot.
The fraudster claimed a girl named Bailey had been born days earlier.