Born days

days since one was born; lifetime.
- John iii. 3.
See under Born.

See also: Born, Day

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IT'S paws for thought as these 12 adorable pups - born days after their lurcher mum was found abandoned with multiple wounds - are now ready for new homes.
At the warm up before they came on I had never seen so many high stacked Marshalls in all my born days.
NOW Hooky looks like spending the rest of his born days in the slammer, the next question is what will happen to Mohammed Mustafa Kamel?
Nina, who was born days after war broke out, recalls one particular wartime Christmas meal as a tot.
The fraudster claimed a girl named Bailey had been born days earlier.
Their first child, Carol Dianne, was born days before Charlie shipped off to the South Pacific.
The two Coventrybased mums, who were born days apart, set up their own cup cake business together, Two Cousins Bakery.
He should spend the rest of his born days in prison.
The Indian-born Muslim said he was looking forward to spending time with his wife and baby daughter, who was born days before his arrest on July 2.
The Welshman, whose new leading lady in the Tardis, Martha Jones, is played by black actress Freema Agyeman, adds: "I've never seen such a white show (as Primeval) in all my born days.
I HAVE not in all my born days seen and heard so much tripe from the most dysfunctional government in modern times as that relating to the protection of children.
Prosecutors and witnesses said the child was born days after the couple was seized and the true identity of the baby switched.