Pongo pygmaeus

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Noun1.Pongo pygmaeus - large long-armed ape of Borneo and Sumatra having arboreal habitsPongo pygmaeus - large long-armed ape of Borneo and Sumatra having arboreal habits
great ape, pongid - any of the large anthropoid apes of the family Pongidae
genus Pongo, Pongo - type genus of the family Pongidae: orangutans
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The rainforests of Borneo are home to hundreds of indigenous plant and animal species found nowhere else in the world, including the endangered Bornean orangutan, the rhinoceros hornbill, the Bornean sun bear, the Bornean pygmy elephant, and the Bornean clouded leopard.
The adorable three-yearold Bornean orangutan was quick to uncover the tasty treats left inside for her and her mum Jazz after an early visit from Father Christmas.
In the forest that envelops the dam, the scouting party encounters apes led by Caesar, including his ambitious second-in-command Koba (Kebbell), impetuous son Blue Eyes (Nick Thurston) and Bornean orangutan Maurice (Karin Konoval).
The 29-year-old Bornean orangutan lives at the zoo with three others, including her two girls, Summer and Cherie.
The Bornean orangutan (Pongo pygmaeus) is the world's largest arboreal (tree-dwelling) mammal.
The forest is home to some of the world's rarest animals, including the endangered Bornean orangutan, the Asian elephant and the Sumatran rhinoceros.
Borneo is famous as the home of one of our closest relatives, the Bornean Orangutan, and to encounter one of these charismatic and intelligent Apes in its wild environment is truly an emotional experience that will stay with you long after the journey itself.
Hong Kong, Rabi'I 18, 1433, Feb 10, 2012, SPA -- Two baby Bornean orangutan twins, the first to be bred in Hong Kong, made their public debut at the city's Zoological and Botanical Gardens Friday, according to dpa.
The Bornean orangutan population has fallen drastically in the last 50 years in Indonesia to less than 55,000 and on the island of Sumatra to less than 5,000 due to a massive amount of illegal logging and further clearing of the land to develop palm oil plantations in their now impoverished rainforest habitat.
The clip was taken by a member of the public in 2008 and shows life-saver Jorong the Bornean Orangutan looking after the chick.
Friends of the Earth, The Ape Alliance, The Bornean Orangutan Survival Foundation, The Sumatran Orangutan Foundation, The Orangutan Foundation.