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A region and former Muslim kingdom of western Africa occupying a vast plain in present-day northeast Nigeria. Founded in the 14th century, the kingdom reached the height of its power in the late 16th century. The region became part of Nigeria in 1902.
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6, and the generated maturity (EASY%Ro) maps of the shale beds present in the Gongila Formation, the Bornu Basin, are shown in Figures 7-9.
33) Esse ultimo, de idade bastante avancada, era um africano chamado Adriao Bornu, preto, casado e declarado como "sem profissao".
About the year 1396, Uthman Biri Ibn Idris, King of Bornu the Bornu Empire (1396-1893) was a medieval African state of Nigeria from 1396 to 1893.
He was an ex-slave, the grandson of an African prince from Bornu, in what we would now call north-eastern Nigeria.
Savannah nomads: A study of the Wodaabe pastoral Fulani of western Bornu province, northern region Nigeria.
According to Peters (1978) and Okosun (1995), five stratigraphic units Bima Sandstone, Gongila Formation, Fika Shale, Kerrikerri and Chad Formations were recognized in Bornu basin (Fig.
The teenagers and young adults from Atacama, Bante, Bornu, and Dahomey could have become Americans after spending four times longer in Alabama than in their homelands," Diouf argues, "but they made a point not to do so.
The Benue Trough and Bornu basin: New geophysical data enlightening the distribution of Cretaceous sedimentary basins.
From Benue state in North Central Nigeria to Sokoto and Bornu in North Western and Northern Eastern Nigeria, the Nok Terra Cotta technology held sway.
Other sources of spread are not to be ruled out, pilgrimage and trade, for instance, or the tradition of local scholarship (the muhaajiriin as they are known in Bornu, Owens 1998: 242-43).
empires of Ghana, Mali, Songhay and Kanem Bornu were, after all,
How the educational council was bornu The General Teaching Council for Wales was created on September 1, 2000, by the Teaching and Higher Education Act of 1998.