Borodin Aleksandr Porfirevich


 (bôr′ə-dēn′, bär′-, bə-rə-dēn′), Aleksandr Porfirevich 1833-1887.
Russian composer and chemist whose musical works were based on Russian folk themes and include the opera Prince Igor, unfinished at his death.
References in classic literature ?
That was my first idea on observing an elf-locked, brown-eyed boy setting his ruddy countenance against the bars.
I almost think that I must have been a little light-headed with thirst, weariness and the want of food; for I fell to thinking how astonished the Cardinal and his nice little boy and the jackdaw would have looked to see a burnt up, brown-eyed, grizzly- haired little elephant hunter suddenly bound between them, put his dirty face into the basin, and swallow every drop of the precious water.
For the rest she was brown-eyed, a little clumsy in movement, and suggested country birth and a descent from respectable hard-working ancestors, who had been men of faith and integrity rather than doubters or fanatics.
He even commenced to acquire the rudiments of their language under the pleasant tutorage of the brown-eyed girl.
It was too late to retreat, for the brown-eyed girl had evidently concluded that they were coming to speak to her.