Brian Boru

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Bri·an Bo·ru

 (brī′ən bə-ro͞o′, bô-rō′, brēn) 926-1014.
Irish king (1002-1014) who spent most of his life fighting the Danes and the Norse. He was killed after the final defeat of a Danish coalition, which ended Norse power in Ireland.

Brian Boru

(Biography) ?941–1014, king of Ireland (1002–14): killed during the defeat of the Danes at the battle of Clontarf

Bri•an Bo•ru

or Bri•an Bo•roimhe

(ˈbraɪ ən bɔˈroʊ, -ˈru, ˈbrin)
926–1014, king of Ireland 1002–14.
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