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Composition titles on the pair's MySpace page include "Bootymelt," "This Music Does Not Apologize," "If It Aint Boroque Don't Fix It" and "God Jam."
Certainly, the glass cases and the wall cabinets brim over with the Boroque magniloquence of diamond and emerald tiaras, minute little diamond eggs, cufflinks, earrings and diamond and aquamarine pins which are almost like glittering spider webs and unequalled in the world today.
``The patterns which feature in my work come from 17th century designs, although people will be familiar with them because these patterns have been altered only slightly over the years.'' Fiona's most recent work has combined Boroque wallpaper patterns with painted fragments of Bernini's sculptures, focusing particularly on the sense of touch - on hands and the tactility of cloth - and on heightened sensua t y.