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 (bə-rĕl′ē-ə, -rē′lē-ə)
Any of various spirochetes of the genus Borrelia that are pathogens of humans, other mammals, and birds, including the causal agents of Lyme disease and relapsing fever.

[New Latin, after Amédée Borrel (1867-1936), French bacteriologist.]


(bəˈrɛlɪə; bəˈrɛljə)
a genus of helical spirochete bacteria, some causing relapsing fever
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Noun1.borrelia - cause of e.g. European and African relapsing fever
spirochaete, spirochete - parasitic or free-living bacteria; many pathogenic to humans and other animals
genus Borrelia - small flexible parasitic spirochetes having three to five wavy spirals
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moubata ticks (well-known vectors of Borrelia duttonii, an agent of tick-borne relapsing fever) were collected from human dwellings in central Tanzania and analyzed by PCR; phylogenetic analysis of the rickettsial species showed a unique cluster among the SFG rickettsiae (31).
Borrelia duttonii, the cause of tickborne relapsing fever, is endemic to several countries in East Africa, such as Tanzania.
These ticks are vectors for Borrelia duttonii, the cause of tickborne relapsing fever in East Africa.