n.1.Pledge; borrow.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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To offer an example of the paltry detail included in some of these records: the register of the bishop of Salisbury for the years 1388-1395 notes the case of Katherine atte Borwe, "who will not consort with Philip, her husband, nor receive him in her house, nor share any of her goods with him." We are told that Thomas Cuttyng abets her; but otherwise, the reader is left to imagine exactly what transpired, and whether Cuttyng was a lover, a brother, or a neighbor.
For example, Katherine atte Borwe, cited before the dean of Salisbury for not consorting with her husband Philip, was accused also of refusing to "share any of her goods with him." (88) Because cases of husband-desertion frequently revolved around money and the division of property, it is not surprising that women from the land-owning class made an appearance in these records.
On Marie, a myld wyf, Hire owen barn bat ho bare Rostyp rigge and rib Sayp, 'sone, vpon eche side Batail aboute pe borwe Withyn h[u]nger so hote perfor yeld pat I pe gaf Entre per pou [o]ut cam', for meschef of foode, brad on pe gledis, with rewful wordes, our sorrow is alofte: our bodies to quelle; pat negh our herte brestyp.
He opens by declaring, somewhat defensively, "Ther nedeth me no care for to borwe" (10).
??e We che ??at ing It bifel whilom ich vnderstond In a borwe of Inglond Af hadde anou3 Lond plou3 Ynou3