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A large wild ox (Bos sauveli) of Cambodia, having a gray or blackish coat and, in the male, a large dewlap and long, spreading horns.

[Khmer kọọprẹy, wild ox : kọọ, cow, ox (from Old Khmer go, from Sanskrit gauḥ, go-; see gwou- in Indo-European roots) + prẹy, forest (from Old Khmer vrai).]


(Animals) a large wild member of the cattle tribe, Box sauveli, of SE Asia, having a blackish-brown body and white legs: an endangered species
[C20: from French, from a Cambodian native name, from Pali cow + Khmer brai forest]
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Molecular phylogeny of the tribe Bovini (Bovidae, Bovinae) and the taxonomic status of the Kouprey, Bos sauveli Urbain 1937.
The gayal was classified as a separate subgenus, together with Bali cattle (Bos banteng), the kouprey (Bos sauveli) and the gaur (Bos gaurus), and distinct from European cattle (Bos taurus) and zebu cattle (Bos indicus) (Williamson and Payne, 1977).
This is not an isolated case, as the relatively recent scientific discovery in 1937 of the so-called Kouprey ox (Bos sauveli), also in the Indo Chinese rain forest, illustrates.