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(ˈbɒskɪt) or


(Forestry) a clump of small trees or bushes; thicket
[C18: from French bosquet, from Italian boschetto, from bosco wood, forest; see bush1]

Bosk, Bosquet, Bosket, Boscage

 a grove or plantation of shrubs or trees, 1737.
Examples: bosk of flowers, 1878; of holly, 1833; of laurel, 1833; of shrubs, 1737; of trees, 1737; of wildernesses, 1847.
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Talks were given by Marti Severt (The Netherlands) and Professor Diego Bosket (Argentina)
Luke Bosket, from the AA, said: "These are one of those rules that can anger motorists but seem perfectly reasonable to local authorities.
Kenneth Bosket, the company president and chief executive officer, said, 'This Agreement will enable AVIX Technologies Inc.
In 1978, the New York State Legislature rushed to pass the Juvenile Offender Act after a 15-year-old boy named Willie Bosket robbed and killed two laborers on successive weekend nights and bragged upon his capture, "You can't do anything to me, I'm only 15.
With the wheels, it does not matter how much the bosket weights.
For example, the highly publicized William Bosket case in New York in 1978 provoked an immediate legislative response that lowered the age of criminal responsibility to 13 for murder and 14 for violent crimes.
Luke Bosket, from the AA, said: "When it has been raining heavily for days on end then common sense tells you that verges are going to be very soft.
All God's Children: The Bosket Family and the Tradition of American Violence.
We expected the worst, but he fought back,'' said Deputy Ron Bosket of the Sheriff's Department Missing Persons Bureau.
The 108 members of the class of 2006 include Jennifer Ackerman, Brittani Arnett, Alysha Atkinson, Frank Aurich, James Barnum, Michael Bechtold, Duncan Bishop, Len Bosket, Broderick Boyd, David Brown, Preston Butler, Cody Calton,
Seed were planted on 18 April 1995 (Test 1) at one location on a mixed soil type (a Bosket very fine sandy loam and a Dundee very fine sandy loam) and on 10 May 1995 for the second location on Dundee silty clay (Test 2).
Kenneth Bosket, President and CEO of Crown Equity Holdings Inc said, This joint venture will assist in monetizing the company s CRWE-PR network of targeted community publications, while increasing our shareholders value.