(bôs-wā′), Jacques Bénigne 1627-1704.
French prelate and historian noted for his funeral orations and a philosophical treatise on history.


(French bɔsɥɛ)
(Biography) Jacques Bénigne (ʒɑk beniɲ). 1627–1704, French bishop: noted for his funeral orations



Jacques Bénigne, 1627–1704, French bishop, writer, and orator.
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I could recite you the whole of Thucydides, Xenophon, Plutarch, Titus Livius, Tacitus, Strada, Jornandes, Dante, Montaigne, Shakspeare, Spinoza, Machiavelli, and Bossuet.
Here was something beyond the shallows of ladies' school literature: here was a living Bossuet, whose work would reconcile complete knowledge with devoted piety; here was a modern Augustine who united the glories of doctor and saint.
Contract notice: facades renovation - renovation and cleaning masonry, painting joinery and metal parts on the streets of belzunce school group located 3 rue de belzunce and 14 rue bossuet 75010 paris.
And then, finally, there were those near-deaths in the manner of Bossuet ('Johnny is dying
John's, Mullock also inherited volumes from his predecessors, and his personal collection at the foundation of the library contained an English translation of Liguori's other key source, The History of the Variations of the Protestant Churches (Antwerp, 1745) by the French historian and bishop, Jacques Benigne Bossuet (1627-1704).
A Jean Racine B Catherine de' Medici C Jacques Benigne Bossuet D Francoise Marquise de Maintenon 10.
Esa es la mas grave y admirable contradiccion mutisiana: Maqroll es un descreido absoluto de la Providencia, individual o historica, en cualquiera de sus formas y maneras (la de san Agustin pero tambien la de Bossuet, la de Joseph de Maistre o la de Marx, por supuesto).
Pero tras las citas biblicas en realidad el conjunto mas amplio son los autores franceses y de tradicion francesa de los siglos xvii al xix, los cuales suman 17 citas y referencias de ocho autores (Charles-Rene Billuart, Cornelio Alapide, Jean-Baptiste Bouvier, Louis Bourdaloue, Denis-Luc Frayssinous, Jacques-Benigne Bossuet, Auguste Nicolas y uno anonimo).
Also this series, Bishop Jacques-Benigne Bossuet (Geoffrey Bateman) Father Pascal (James Joint) lead from the Church for Louis to end
beaucoup moins que] Le livre a ete redige au centre de detention de Bossuet en 1958.
Marrou calls it a vision of history "mutilee et par la deja tres largement profanee" and discovers in it, as Dilthey saw, speaking about Bossuet, "an early attempt of secularization.
Part II examines the works of Sir Robert Filmer and Jacques-Benigne Bossuet, while Part III surveys the writings of Marsilius of Padua and John Ponet.