Boston fern

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Boston fern

Boston fern

A cultivar of the sword fern Nephrolepis exaltata, having arching or drooping pinnate fronds and popular as a houseplant.

[So called because the cultivar was first discovered in a lot of fern plants shipped to Cambridge, Massachusetts, and subsequently propagated by a local distributor.]

Bos′ton fern′

a variety of sword fern, Nephrolepsis exaltata bostoniensis, having long, narrow, drooping fronds.
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Noun1.Boston fern - a sword fern with arching or drooping pinnate frondsBoston fern - a sword fern with arching or drooping pinnate fronds; a popular houseplant
sword fern - any of several tropical ferns having more or less sword-shaped fronds including one from which the Boston fern developed
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Enhance the quality of a space by introducing fresh air through the help of air-purifying plants such as the tall Areca palm or lush Boston fern.
It's also safely out of the way, so perfect for those that aren't child or pet friendly, eg, prayer plant, Boston fern, English ivy or spider plant.
The most effective plants for cleaning the air are the rubber plant, ivies, pygmy date palm and the Boston fern, all of which are, helpfully, very easy to look after.
These include the Boston fern, Bird's Nest Fern, Maiden Hair Fern and other forms.
Its centerpiece, a large metal container holding a Boston fern, is a sculpture the Sjostens found at the Brimfield Antique and Flea Market.
If cut flowers strike you as too ephemeral, perhaps you'd prefer giving a houseplant such as amaryllis, cyclamen, African violet, paper-white narcissus, orchid, Boston fern, florist hydrangea, hibiscus, crown of thorns (Euphorbiamilii) or spider plant.
The Boston fern is from a grocery store, and the cannas are offshoots from another friend's plants.
Houseplants that are nontoxic to cats include African violet, peperomia, cacti, parlor and bamboo palms (Chamaedorea), and Boston fern.
Boston fern, lady palm, bamboo palm, peace lily, corn, weeping fig and florists mum .
Top air-cleaners include philodendron, Boston fern, peace lily and English ivy.

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