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 (bŏz′wĕl′, -wəl)
An assiduous and devoted admirer, student, and recorder of another's words and deeds.

[After James Boswell.]

Bos′well·ize′ (-īz′) v.


(Biography) James. 1740–95, Scottish author and lawyer, noted particularly for his Life of Samuel Johnson (1791)
Boswellian adj


(ˈbɒzˌwɛl, -wəl)

1. James, 1740–95, Scottish author: biographer of Samuel Johnson.
2. any devoted biographer of a specific person.
Bos•well′i•an, adj.
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Noun1.Boswell - Scottish author noted for his biography of Samuel Johnson (1740-1795)Boswell - Scottish author noted for his biography of Samuel Johnson (1740-1795)
2.Boswell - a devoted admirer and recorder of another's words and deeds
admirer, booster, protagonist, supporter, champion, friend - a person who backs a politician or a team etc.; "all their supporters came out for the game"; "they are friends of the library"
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The imagination thrills, and Heaven knows what figures people still its broad stream, Doctor Johnson with Boswell by his side, an old Pepys going on board a man-o'-war: the pageant of English history, and romance, and high adventure.
I like old Sam so well, I think I'll try the second volume," returned Jo, hoping to propitiate him by accepting a second dose of Boswell's Johnson, as he had recommended that lively work.
I am lost without my Boswell. And this promises to be interesting.
His quick-changing facial expressions might tell every thought and mood, but the tongue, perforce, ran hard after, repeating, like a second Boswell.
HITACHI Rail has revealed that its managing director Karen Boswell is to leave the company at the start of October.
And because the summer months are the time when many families are going through a permanent change of station, or PCS, Brooke Boswell says she remains committed year-round--but particularly during this peak season--to answering those questions.
Craig Boswell signed off a Tsunami ride as safe without having a vital report from another inspection company.
Craig Boswell wrongly issued a Declaration of Operational Compliance (DOC) certificate which said the Tsunami ride, at Strathclyde Park, was safe to use just 16 days before it derailed and left nine people injured.
The Club: Johnson, Boswell, and the Friends Who Shaped an Age By Leo Damrosch (Yale, 2019)
Three officers were hurt as they struggled to keep Daniel Boswell under control during the melee at his house in Aspley.
Isaac Boswell will likely be unable to continue his work as a selfemployed roofer after losing his licence, putting his family in a difficult position, Teesside Magistrates' Court was told.